Jennifer Lawrence lets the arrows fly as Katniss in this clip from The Hunger Games

THE HUNGER GAMES is just a few weeks away from its release and the images and video have been rolling in steadily as a result.  This new clip features Katniss showing off her skills to the gamemakers, who are The Hunger Games organizers.  Based on the display of prowess, the gamemakers assign a score to each contestant, of which Katniss garners a surprising tally.

Take a look at her mad skills:

This is the first clip that's left me somewhat impressed.  So far we've seen a lot of Katniss looking vulnerable and afraid and it's nice to see Lawrence give us a bit more into the character.  I'm not chomping at the bit to see this, but if initial ticket sales are any indication there are plenty of people who are. 

Author Suzanne Collins recently attended a screening of the film and gave her seal of approval:

"I’m really happy with how it turned out. I feel like the book and the film are individual yet complementary pieces that enhance one another. The film opens up the world beyond Katniss’ point of view, allowing the audience access to the happenings of places… like the Hunger Games control room and President Snow’s rose garden, thereby adding a new dimension to the story.

Director Gary Ross has created an adaptation that is faithful in both narrative and theme, but he’s also brought a rich and powerful vision of Panem, its brutality and excesses, to the film as well. His world building’s fantastic, whether it be the Seam or the Capitol. It’s amazing to see things that are suggested in the book fully developed and so brilliantly realized through the artistry of the designers.

And, my God, the actors. The cast, led by the extraordinary Jennifer Lawrence, is absolutely wonderful across the board. It’s such a pleasure to see how they’ve embodied the characters and brought them to life."

I suppose it's a good sign if the author gives her blessing to an adaptation of her work, but there's always that question of ulterior motives (i.e. money).  However, I'm sure Collins is genuine in her feelings of the film.

Find out for yourself if the games are good, when THE HUNGER GAMES opens on March 23, 2012. 

Extra Tidbit: Does this clip sway anyone that was on the fence?
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