Will Ray Winstone play the villain in Darren Aronofsky's Noah?

Ray Winstone and Darren Aronofsky? I'll take it.

Winstone has been offered the role of the nemesis in NOAH. Yes, that means that Winstone would go toe to toe with Russell Crowe.

Aronofsky apparently wanted several actors for the part. Val Kilmer came close, but they needed someone with "grit and size to be convincing" when he takes on Crowe as Noah. Not gunna lie, I'd like to see Kilmer if Winstone passes. However, I don't believe that he will.

As I told you guys last week, the casting news would keep coming since there were two major roles left to fill. Now, we're down to one possibly. Still no decision on whether Jennifer Connelly will take the part of Noah's wife or not, or if they still want her to do it.

Still need more on this "nemesis". A little confused. If it's a giant talking octopus narwhal, I will be very happy.

Extra Tidbit: Favorite Winstone role?
Source: Deadline



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