Will Tim Burton's Dark Shadows get a little sexier? Eva Green in talks to join the big screen gothic revival

Hot off the news that the great Jackie Earle Haley and relative newcomer Bella Heathcoate may be joining Tim Burton's DARK SHADOWS, comes word that French beauty and former Bond girl Eva Green (PERFECT SENSE) is in negotiations to take on the lead part of the powerful witch 'Angelique' in the big screen revival of the 60s gothic soap.

According to Deadline, the original series saw Angelique as a powerful witch who was both "tormented and bewitched by her love-hate relationship with Barnabas Collins." Collins, of course, is being played by Burton perennial Johnny Depp (who funny enough will be enjoying virtually the same dynamic with his PIRATES 4 co-star Penelope Cruz... this lucky f*cking bastard).

Burton is scheduled to begin shooting DARK SHADOWS this April, with a release some time in 2012.
Extra Tidbit: Not that I have anything against her really, but I'm just glad Burton didn't cast his wife Helena Bonham Carter in the role. In fact, the casting developments for DARK SHADOWS have been rather interesting so far...
Source: Deadline



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