Chris Hemsworth races into Ron Howard's Rush

Chris Hemsworth, he's so hot right now. Or at least that's what's indicated by his growing pile of projects. After his heroic debut in THOR, he landed the male lead in SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN. His latest? Working with Ron Howard for RUSH.

He'll be playing James Hunt, who in the '70s battled Niki Lauda on the Formula One track. Howard is directing and the script is being written by FROST/NIXON's Peter Morgan.

The role was rumored for a while to be going to Alex Pettyfer, but for all the rumored roles I see that guy attached to, he doesn't seem to actually get too many. Hemsworth is locking down parts as in addition to these, he'll be back another time as THOR in THE AVENGERS, and lord knows how many THOR standalone sequels.

As for Howard? I hadn't heard of RUSH until now, and I thought that he was busy for the next ten years attempting to adapt THE DARK TOWER. I still say that's never going to actually happen.

Extra Tidbit: Hemsworth has also been attached to SHADOW RUNNER and he's in RED DAWN, if that ever actually comes out.
Source: Deadline



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