Wilson joins Thunder

In a page straight out of the big book of obvious, Owen Wilson has joined the cast of Ben Stiller's next flick. The film, TROPIC THUNDER is about a bunch of actors who are shooting a war film, only to find themselves involved in an actual war. I think Owen Wilson is awesome, but let's be honest, this isn't exactly 'news', whenever Ben Stiller announces a film, you basically know that Owen Wilson is going to be involved.

Nick Nolte has apparently also gotten himself involved in the movie. Yeah, that's not quite as fun. Although I always - for some strange reason - find Nolte's face, when Elias Koteas tells him he's not gonna follow orders in THE THIN RED LINE, absolutely hilarious. Anyway, the film will be Ben Stiller's first directorial effort since his masterpiece, ZOOLANDER.
Extra Tidbit: Wilson was the first 'Frat Pack' member to garner an Academy Award nomination. I'd wager Luke Wilson as the next, but he has been choosing some absolutely awful films recently.
Source: Variety



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