Wonder Woman is officially the highest-grossing origin movie ever

There is a great chance that in the future, when the history of 2017 is written down, that this year will be known as the year of Wonder Woman. Audiences flocked to see her in her first solo movie (starring Gal Gadot), and both moviegoers and critics have fallen in love with the Princess of Themyscira.  She shot to the top of the box office to become the biggest movie of the summer, and now the warrior woman wears one of the biggest crowns of all.

According to box office tallies, WONDER WOMAN has officially become the biggest superhero origin movie ever, edging out the likes of IRON MAN and SPIDER-MAN. As of this writing, WONDER WOMAN has made exactly $821,749,588 at the global box office, narrowly beating SPIDER-MAN’s $821,708,551. The movie already had the crown as far as domestic sales are concerned, with WW passing SPIDER-MAN’s $403 million total some time ago, nestling at $412 million.

This is a massive achievement for the movie, especially considering pundits were predicting it wouldn’t even beat the likes of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 and SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING this summer. On top of that, DCEU movies had been getting reamed by critics, meaning WW had a lot of love to win back at the box office. But audiences flocked to the movie, and now, chances are that the next DCEU movie – JUSTICE LEAGUE – may not even beat this solo outing.

This is a record WONDER WOMAN will hold on to for some time, with other origin stories like BLACK PANTHER and AQUAMAN unlikely to break the record. Audiences saw something special in WW, and young women finally found a hero to fall in love with at the movies after having felt alienated from the male-dominated genre for ages. The movie isn't my favorite superhero origin movie, but it's a fantastic movie and I can totally see why the movie has resonated with so many people.  Bow down to the queen of the box office, ladies and gentlemen.

WONDER WOMAN is on Blu-ray now and JUSTICE LEAGUE hits theaters November 17.

Source: Box Office Mojo



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