Woody offers a tip of his hat to fans in the new Toy Story 4 poster

A new and international poster for TOY STORY 4 has arrived online, and it looks like somebody's poisoned the waterhole. I'm just kidding. What the new poster does signal to fans is that Woody is back, and this time, the wise, old cowpoke and his friends could be headed to the local carnival. Up until now, the posters for TOY STORY 4 have been rather minimalistic, with little to offer than a solid look at characters both new and old. Now, we've got a beautiful sunset, Woody's knowing glance, and a theme park packed with a potential for adventure looming in the background. Move over, Pizza Planet, because TOY STORY 4 looks to be going to an amusement park and beyond!

You can take a look at the new poster for yourself below:

In truth, we know very little concerning the plot details of TOY STORY 4, other than that John Lasseter's plans to frame it as a "romantic comedy" involving Woody (Tom Hanks) and Bo Peep (Annie Potts) had been scrapped, some time ago. Following the shakeup, screenwriters Rashida Jones and Will McCormack left the project as well. Josh Cooley then replaced Lasseter as director, after the animation mogul stepped down from the position in addition to other duties.

If you ask me, the new carnival-style lettering of the TOY STORY 4 logo is a dead giveaway as to where the toys will be headed for the sequel. Oh yeah, there's also the fact that a big old Ferris wheel is churning in the background of the film's latest one-sheet. In fact, I'll bet my entire Pixar Blu-ray library that Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key's Duck and Bunny characters (respectively) hail from the exciting new locale. Oh wow. What if Disneyland resorts start hosting pop-up carnival events, where you can win the new toys by the armload? I'd be into that. I'm sure it would cost an arm and a leg, though. Oh well, what doesn't at those parks, amiright?

When TOY STORY 4 arrives, we'll rejoin Woody and the gang as they adjust to their new surroundings at Bonnie's house after Andy gifted them to the adorable little girl during the tear-jerking close of TOY STORY 3. By the way Pixar, I'm still holding up my middle finger for how much you made me cry during that finale. You are evil, I say. Evil!

How do you think the carnival setting fits into the overall plot of TOY STORY 4? Let us know your thoughts and predictions in the comments section below.

TOY STORY 4 starring Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Patricia Arquette, Keanu Reeves, Keegan Michael-Key, Jordan Peele, Michael Keaton, Bonnie Hunt, Joan Cusack, Annie Potts, Laurie Metcalf, Kristen Schall, and Tony Hale, among others, will arrive in theaters on June 21, 2019

Source: Pixar



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