Words cannot express how awful the new title for Taken 3 is

Alongside the new images and plot synopsis for the third entry in the TAKEN franchise was the news that the film is undergoing a slight title change. Now, this is a very slight adjustment but one that will bring with it a number of groans from movie fans.

TAKEN 3 will now be known as TAK3N. Yeah, that's right.

With this being the supposed final film in the TAKEN franchise, it seems odd that they would try to shake things up by replacing the E with a 3, making the movie sound less like an action thriller starring the great Liam Neeson than the name of a DJ or the nightclub you keep getting kicked out of because the bouncer is a dick.

We know there will be a change in the plot this time as Bryan Mills will not be travelling the globe to save his wife or daughter but must instead prove his innocence after being framed for murder. I get the title change, but come on, this is just lazy.

TAK3N opens on January 9, 2015, just in time for Neeson Season.

Source: USA Today



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