Wrestler vidgame

Pardon the misleading headline, but this is not actually announcing development of a videogame that will allow players to drop the Ram Jam on various spandex-clad digital opponents. Not yet, anyway...

It is, however, of interest to anyone with an appreciation for Mickey Rourke's comeback vehicle THE WRESTLER, and fans of 8-bit gaming entertainment. Kotaku has a cool article telling the story behind "Wrestle Jam '88", the old-school game that Randy "The Ram" plays with his young trailer-park neighbor in Darren Aronofsky's film.

The people behind the fake game discuss the difficulties of designing and fabricating the past ("Recreating yesterdays game with today's technology was hard") and reveal that they created an actual working version for the scene.

They also discuss the creation of the theme music, and various details of the scene itself ("Call it Duty for?"). It's a pretty fascinating read, check it out.

Extra Tidbit: "Wrestle Jam '88" was clearly modeled on the classic NES game "Pro Wrestling", with which I wasted many teenage hours grappling with Starman, King Corn Karn and a tiny thumbpad.
Source: Kotaku



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