Wright directs Hanna

So THE SOLOIST may have landed with a bit of thud, but Joe Wright is still the man behind ATONEMENT and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, so the announcement of his next project is rather ear-catching.

Wright is reportedly about to be set to helm HANNA, which features a fourteen year old Eastern European girl, born and bred to be a ruthless assassin. Yeah, quite the change from his previous projects indeed.

Hanna tries to escape her life of murder by befriending a French family, but is soon pulled back into a life of killing by her father, and she must slaughter her way to freedom and normality.

So yes, it’s a bit like Alias meets Bourne meets Leon meets Hit Girl, but the project isn’t as loopy as it might sound. The script, by Seth Lochhead and David Farr, is supposed to be excellent and at one point Danny Boyle and Alfonso Cuaron were looking to direct.

Now which fourteen year old actresses could pull this off?

Extra Tidbit: Is this seriously an original script? Or is there secret source material hidden somewhere?
Source: THR



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