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Diesel as The Pacifier

Vin Diesel is determined to keep rekindling the flame of his star-making days following the successful FAST AND FURIOUS, even if Rob Cohen still won't follow.

Cohen, who left the project to direct MEDIEVAL, apparently gave his blessing to a new director, and it's not even Brett Ratner. Wonder if he was ever considered... Things will stay in house with Ericson Core taking over the project, after having worked with Diesel and Cohen on the original Fast & Furious as DP.

The film, ingeniously titled (...) XXX: THE RETURN OF XANDER CAGE will be about just that, Diesel as Cage returning to his Government-sanctioned job to clean up the mess that was the second film. Not that the first was an Oscar contender, but at least it was entertaining.

No announcement yet on filming and release dates, but word on the street is Columbia wants it to happen fast while Diesel is hot again. No matter what they do, they gotta have someone say "Bitches come"; that line captured the movie's tone perfectly!

Extra Tidbit: If they don't get Sam Jackson back, I'm not even bothering.



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