Yard Stomped again

If it makes money, it gets a sequel. Case in point being STOMP THE YARD, which earned $74 million worldwide, which is apparently enough to warrant another installment, STOMP THE YARD 2: HOMECOMING. Colombus Short is set to reprise his role as uber-stomper DJ, and Rob Hardy is attached to direct. Shooting is set to start next month in Atlanta.

Look, I can appreciate a good dance/muisc movie as much as the next white guy who totally wishes he could dance, but STOMP THE YARD just wasn’t particularly good, and stomping isn’t a particularly cool dance form, if you ask me. I much prefer the craziness of STEP UP 2 THE STREETS or hell, even DRUMLINE has some pretty sick numbers. STOMP just left me bored.

But never fear, I still have STEP UP 3D to look forward to, and I already have my “yeah, she absolutely dragged me to it” cover story all lined up for that one.

Extra Tidbit: "America's Best Dance Crew" is the only time I've watched MTV in the last five years.
Source: THR



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