Yet another Charlie's Angels reboot on the way, gets writers & release date

Look, I get the appeal of CHARLIE'S ANGELS, I really, really do. Who doesn't love hot, awesome female agents kicking ass and taking names? It's a winning formula that men can enjoy (oogling hot ladies) and women can too (seeing other women kick ass). However, the last time they tried to reboot it in 2011 with that ABC show, it crashed and burned. And the sequel to the first Drew Barrymore-starring/McG-helmed CHARLIES ANGELS reboot CHARLIE'S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE didn't light up the box-office either. So is it still a viable property?

Well, Sony seems to think so. And it has tapped Elizabeth Banks as its director, which is good news in my opinion. She's a great, funny actress, and the PITCH PERFECT sequel she directed was cute. Most importantly, it will be nice to actually have a female behind the wheel of this one, as it is a story about women after all.

But that's been known for some time. We, however, now have word that Doug Miro and Carlo Bernard (writers and producers for the Netflix series NARCOS) are on board to rewrite the film. I wonder (dread) if this means they're going to go the grim 'n gritty route with this one? I for one hope not.

In other news, the film also has a new summer release date: June 7, 2019. So...mark your calendars, I guess. If you're so inclined.

Either way, I hope the best for the film (I'm always in favor of strong, female protagonists), but I'm definitely wary of the brand. Hopefully this new film will convince me otherwise.

Extra Tidbit: I actually really like the first McG CHARLIE'S ANGELS movie for what it was - a fun action/comedy.
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