Zorro is getting a post-apocalyptic reboot

We've heard about a Zorro reboot for a while now, but it looks like producer and Sobini CEO Mark Amin REALLY enjoyed MAD MAX: FURY ROAD as he's now producing a post-apocalyptic reboot for the masked man. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Zorro Reborn will be a post-apocalyptic take on the hero that will be set in the near future with the man taking on tyrants and the like. While no filmmaker has been chosen to take on the project, principal photography is already expected to begin in March of 2016. No word yet on whether or not George Miller has had a chance to decline.

While I'm not intimate with the original stories of Don Diego de la Vega, his swashbuckling adventures always felt at home with me during the era of Spanish rule of California's early days. Antonio Banderas previously portrayed the crusader in 1998's THE MASK OF ZORRO and 2005's THE LEGEND OF ZORRO, both of which were directed by Martin Campbell (CASINO ROYALE). While I found those films to be pretty entertaining, I'm guessing Mark Amin wants to be make a bigger mark. For better or worse, it sounds like he will.



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