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Directed by: Chris Noonan

Cast: James Cromwell Magda Szubanski Christine Cavanaugh Miriam Margolyes Danny Mann Hugo Weaving Miriam Flynn Russie Taylor Evely Krape Roscoe Browne

Studio: Universal Pictures

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy

Official Site: N/A

Release Date: 1995-08-04 (wide)


All kinds of species live on the Hoggett farm. Each animal has a job to do, tries to do it well and knows his or her place in the world. They aim to keep their owners happy, but understandably, the pressure to avoid becoming Christmas dinner can make an animal do some pretty outlandish things. Babe's approach to barnyard life is different from all the others, and as we humans know, life can be more challenging, but all the sweeter, for the pig who marches to the tune of a different drummer.

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