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Directed by: Luis Llosa

Cast: Jon Voight Jennifer Lopez Ice Cube Eric Stoltz Johnathan Hyde Kari Wuhrer Owen Wilson Vincent Castellanos Danny Trejo

Studio: Columbia Pictures

Genre: Horror

Official Site: N/A

Release Date: 1997-04-11 (wide)


The Brazilian Rainforest possesses its own ancient and paradoxical order. A beguiling jewel of a jungle, neon birds glitter in its canopy of prehistoric trees as capricious, nimble monkeys scamper along their branches. Craggy caimans and sinuous serpents slither into the dark Amazon River. Shimmering dawns give way to torrid sunsets. Yet this tangle of life quickly becomes an ominous labyrinth. Danger lurks at every bend of the mighty Amazon and these exotic residents prove to be as deadly as they are beautiful. At the top of this complex and powerful food chain is the largest and most vicious killer snake in the world... the Anaconda.

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