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He has the savage soul of a jungle beast. He is a fearless warrior. His survival instincts are keen. His name? Muffin. Napoleon is a real name! Muffin is quite cute and cuddly. Napoleon is ferocious and brave; Muffin is shy and gentle; Napoleon is bold and passionate. How can you conquer the world with a name like Muffin?

That's the dilemma facing the precocious ten-week-old golden retriever puppy who fancies himself a conquering warrior. He's ready to venture into the unknown territory beyond the safe borders of the Sydney, Australia suburban back yard he and his mother call home. Fittingly, he insists he will now be known as "Napoleon." He's ready to conquer new worlds and leave the rules of home behind. He hears the call of the wild dogs and yearns to be fearless and free like his canine cousins in the outback. Napoleon quickly learns what it takes to survive in the treacherous terrain of the Australian bush, where every turn presents a new threat to the curious pup. Along the way he enlists allies and outsmarts enemies among the unique menagerie of wild animals native to Australia. By the time Napoleon is ready to return home, he has learned that in his heart he has been a brave and wild dog all along.

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