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Phone Booth
Pictures, Videos, Cast and Plot

Directed by: Joel Schumacher

Cast: Colin Farrell Forest Whitaker Kiefer Sutherland Katie Holmes Radha Mitchell Richard Jones Maile Flanagan

Studio: 20th Century Fox

Genre: Thriller

Official Site: http://www.phoneboothmovie.com

Release Date: 2003-04-04 (wide)


What do you do when you hear a ringing public phone? You know it�s a wrong number, but instinct forces you to pick it up. A ringing phone demands to be answered, but when Stu takes the call, he finds himself hurtled into a tortuous game. Hang up, says the caller (Kiefer Sutherland), and Stu�s a dead man.

A sudden and shocking act of violence near the booth draws the attention of the police, who arrive backed with a small army of sharpshooters. They believe that Stu, not the unseen caller of whom they remain unaware, is the dangerous man with a gun.

The senior officer on the scene, Captain Ramey (Forest Whitaker), tries to talk Stu out of the booth. But unbeknownst to Ramey, his team, the media circus that has flocked to the site � and Stu�s wife, Kelly, and his client /prospective girlfriend, Pamela � the caller has them all in his high-powered rifle sights.

As afternoon turns into evening, Stu, the embodiment of an unethical, self-serving existence, must now undertake a sudden and unexpected moral evolution. He is emotionally stripped naked by the caller. Stu�s lies, half-truths, and obfuscation no longer matter. Instead, he must dig deep into his soul, find his strength and attempt to outwit the caller, taking the game to an even more dangerous level.

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