My Bloody Valentine: The Game is coming from Fright Rags

Back in December, Fright Rags announced that they were working on a board game inspired by the classic slasher Silent Night, Deadly Night. That project was successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign – and now Fright Rags is at it again, running a Kickstarter campaign so they can release another board game inspired by one of the greatest slashers of the 1980s. This time the project is My Bloody Valentine: The Game, and the Kickstarter campaign is already closing in on its $15,000 goal!

Directed by George Mihalka from a screenplay by John Beaird (and a story by Stephen Miller), the 1981 film My Bloody Valentine (watch it HERE) has the following synopsis:

Twenty years ago, a tragic accident in a mine on St. Valentine’s Day took the lives of five miners. The disaster occurred while supervisors left their posts to attend the town’s annual Valentine’s Day dance. The only survivor, Harry Warden, was confined to a mental institution after the ordeal. On the disaster’s first anniversary, he returned to the town for bloody revenge. That was nineteen years ago, and memories have dimmed. Young lovers T.J. (Paul Kelman) and Sarah (Lori Hallier) and friend Axel (Neil Affleck) are among the townspeople attending another Valentine’s party. Then, a box of Valentine candy arrives, containing an ominous message and a blood-soaked heart. Before the night is over, terror will strike again and again and again…

The My Bloody Valentine and Silent Night, Deadly Night games are part of the “Stop the Killer” game series, which was put together with the following mandates in mind:

The game had to be inspired by the movie.

It had be FUN to play!

The game could be played with multiple players as well as solo.

Playing the game had to be EASY… NO complicated instructions.

Although the game should be easy to play, it should be CHALLENGING.

NO SCORING! Who likes to keep track of scores during a game?

The game had to have UNPREDICTABLE outcomes and be DIFFERENT every time.

The team developed the game and tested it numerous times with 1 to 4 players, and the game got better and better the more it was tested.

Playing the game involves a deck of cards with thirty cards in it. Examples of the cards can be seen on Kickstarter.

The way our 30-card deck is used during game play is SO IMPORTANT, and it ensures the each game’s result is different and unpredictable. We also wanted players to think of their favorite scenes in the movie while playing, so the cards are filled with the MY BLOODY VALENTINE imagery that fans love.

Remember all of those 2-hour blocks sitting around the Monopoly board during your childhood? You won’t experience that with our board game! During testing, some games lasted 7 minutes, while others lasted 20 or 30 minutes, and the cards have a huge impact on this! We designed the gaming experience so that you can play a few games back-to-back without taking up too much time.

For this game, players are challenged

to stop killer miner Harry Warden from reaching the Valentine’s Day dance. 1-4 players move around the board and collect weapons, draw cards, work around roadblocks, use the secret mine tunnel, and try not to get their hearts broken. Players who land on Harry’s space will confront the pickaxe-wielding slasher, leaving them dead or winning the game by killing him.

I think it’s really cool that My Bloody Valentine is getting a board game, and I would love to play it. Will you be buying a copy? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

My Bloody Valentine: The Game
My Bloody Valentine: The Game

Source: Kickstarter

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