Phoenix Forgotten hits Blu-ray this August

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

A few months back I did my first review for AITH. It was a truthfully a dream come true considering I had been reading AITH reviews for most of my adult life. The flick I checked out was the found footage alien flick PHOENIX FORGOTTEN. It didn't go so well. You can read my review HERE.

That said, I do want to check the film out again as (no spoilers) there was a part in the last act that COULD have been a game-changer if I had been able to see it clearly. Unfortunately, even on the big screen, the camera shook too much and the moments happened too quickly – and with WAY too many camera glitches – so I can't say the movie blew my mind. 

But, again, I'm planning to give the movie another go once it hits Blu-ray later this year. And that's actually what I'm here to tell you guys about, as we just got word that PHOENIX FORGOTTEN will be hitting Digital HD July 18th and Blu-ray & DVD August 1st.

PHOENIX FORGOTTEN Special Features Include:

Sophie's Story

Phoenix Found

Audio Commentary with: Justin Barber, Florence Hartigan, Chelsea Lopez and Justin Matthews

I'm looking forward to checking out that commentary as for better or worse I'm interested in just what the everliving hell that was in the third act and how much it relates to the rest of the film. I really hope I'm not setting anyone up for disappointment here either, by the way… Just give it a watch and let me know what YOU think.

Did you catch PHOENIX FORGOTTEN in the theater? Are you excited to check it out on Blu-ray, DVD, or Digital HD? However you feel about the flick, let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

The film is not currently available for pre-order but we will let you guys know as soon as it is! Until then just remember that PHOENIX FORGOTTEN hits Digital HD July 18th and Blu-ray & DVD August 1st.

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