WTF: Kurt Russell was the pilot who reported the Phoenix Lights UFO

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Wow, this is surely an interesting piece of news right here. Turns out Jack Burton himself, Kurt Russell, is not only the coolest guy – with the world's best beard – but the man has also been revealed as the "civil pilot" that called in the famed Phoenix Lights back in 1997.

You can check out Russell's telling of the story below, which is much better than any version I could sum up for you here, but all the same, maybe I need to provide some context for certain readers. 

The Phoenix Lights were a UFO phenomenon that inspired the recent found footage flick PHOENIX FORGOTTEN. You can read that film's review HERE (by yours truly) to get the full scoop on what the lights were and what they meant to the world of UFO conspiracy theorists.

But to hear Kurt f*cking Russell tell his tale and all but come right out and say he saw the UFO is something I never thought I'd see. The world is a strange place sometimes, huh?

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Source: YouTube

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