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Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Typically I prefer to just skip the Academy Awards altogether. Not really my thing. But this year, not only did I watch every second of the 18-hour-long ceremony, but I made all my friends and family do so as well.

Why? Well, because both Jordan Peele's GET OUT and Del Toro's THE SHAPE OF WATER were both nominated for tons of Oscars, and I'll be damned if I missed either of them win a single one.

Case in point, I was sitting there for Jordan Peele's historic win for Best Original Screenplay. And speaking of the screenplay for Jordan Peel's GET OUT, today we have just that to share with you guys.

You can check out the script in the link below and then make sure to hit us up and let us know how excited you are that the screenplay won at the Oscars in the comments below or on social media!

GET OUT synopsis:

Now that Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and his girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams), have reached the meet-the-parents milestone of dating, she invites him for a weekend getaway upstate with Missy and Dean. At first, Chris reads the family's overly accommodating behavior as nervous attempts to deal with their daughter's interracial relationship, but as the weekend progresses, a series of increasingly disturbing discoveries lead him to a truth that he could never have imagined.

GET OUT is written & directed by Jordan Peele and produced by Jason Blum. The horror film stars Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford, Caleb Landry Jones, Stephen Root, and Catherine Keener. 

Read the script HERE and buy the film on Blu-ray HERE.

Source: Script-O-Rama

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