The Gentlemen TV Review

Rating: 7/10

We review Netflix and Guy Ritchie’s expansion of this 2020 hit film, The Gentlemen, with this series being a slick continuation.

Drive Away Dolls Review

Rating: 5/10

Ethan Coen’s Drive Away Dolls aims to be a fun slice of midnaight madness, but it’s grating and not as amusing as it thinks it is.

Stopmotion Review

Rating: 8/10

Wonderful animation and an incredible performance from Aisling Franciosi, make Stopmotion a horror film that cannot be missed.

Dune: Part Two Review

Rating: 10/10

Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Part Two is stunning. If a third film is made, this might become the great sci-fi trilogy of our generation.

Shōgun TV Review

Rating: 9/10

Hiroyuki Sanada produces and leads a stellar take on James Clavell’s novel that surpasses the 1980 network mini-series.

Constellation TV Review

Rating: 7/10

Led by the great Noomi Rapace and Jonathan Banks, this psychological sci-fi thriller gets as much right as it gets wrong.

Ordinary Angels Review

Rating: 6/10

Hilary Swank and Alan Ritchson lead an emotional and inspirational film about faith that is formulaic but effective.

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