Rick Baker shares cool unused werewolf design from Cursed!

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Wes Craven’s CURSED was certainly an aptly-titled mess. Though it was initially meant to be a dissection/celebration of the werewolf genre in the mold of SCREAM – led by that film’s two main architects, Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson – the comedy-horror flick was revamped while it was still in production, which resulted in actors being replaced, entire sequences being scrapped and the story itself undergoing a complete reworking.

One casualty of all the madness was some of make-up artist Rick Baker’s work. Yesterday he treated the world to a look at what might have been, his original design for the Judy Greer werewolf seen in the film’s finale.

Baker accompanied the picture with the following text:

The almost transformed Judy Greer Werewolf for Cursed. The film I worked on was shut down. My work changed or unused

You get an idea of what a mess this movie was when you consider even the great Rick Baker’s work was set aside (in favor of something much more ridiculous, it must be said). See a comparison below, with Baker’s design above the werewolf that appeared in the film.

Source: Rick Baker

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