Ron Perlman dons the full Hellboy costume for the Make-A-Wish Foundation

When I saw this next story I really wanted to share it for the sole fact that I think this is one of the coolest things a person can do. As if the title doesn’t give it away, regular genre actor Ron Perlman recently put on his full ‘Hellboy’ costume for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Six-year-old Zachary is currently undergoing treatment for leukemia and had expressed his wish “to meet and become Hellboy.” So Special Motion, the effects house behind HELLBOY, sprung into action. They approached Perlman, who loved the idea. The actor then went through the four-hours of make-up needed for the ‘Hellboy’ character before surprising the excited Zachary, who later had a chance to become a mini-sized ‘Hellboy’ himself. You can check out some photos above and below, or head on over to Special Motion’s Facebook page for more.

Source: THR

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