Rumer Willis & Emma Dumont hit the road in What Lies Ahead

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

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Road trip horror is one of my favorite subgenres, having produced flicks as varied as DUEL, ROAD GAMES, THE HITCHER, BRIDE OF CHUCKY, and even the upcoming LEATHERFACE prequel. So whenever I hear about a new entry in the genre, it definitely piques my interest.

The indie thriller WHAT LIES AHEAD certainly looks like it has the potential to be worth a look. The movie just started production in Kentucky with director Rob Gardner at the helm. Leading the project are Rumer Willis (pictured above) and Emma Dumont.

Willis, who starred in the 2009 remake SORORITY ROW, has also appeared in THE HOUSE BUNNY, HOSTAGE, and won the 20th season of Dancing with the Stars, apparently. Dumont is slightly less well known because her father isn't freaking Bruce Willis, but she's made a name for herself alongside David Duchovny in Aquarius.

Here's the synopsis of WHAT LIES AHEAD:

The pic centers on a woman (Dumont) and her boyfriend’s sister (Willis) who embark on an unexpected road trip from Georgia to New York. As they get to know each other, encountering assorted locals and misadventures along the way, an unseen peril begins to emerge that threatens to grow stronger with each passing mile.

WHAT LIES AHEAD was written by William J. Viglione. Viglione and Gardner are producing alongside Joel Segal and Joe Burke.

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Source: Deadline

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