Summoning the Spirit: horror movie tells a Portland Sasquatch story

Production recently wrapped on a Portland-based Sasquatch horror movie called Summoning the Spirit, which is coming our way from Dark Star Pictures, Lake Productions, and Silk Road Entertainment. The film was written and directed by Jon Garcia, who previously worked with Dark Star on the prison drama Luz and the romance Love in a Dangerous Time. Dark Star’s Michael Repsch told The Hollywood Reporter, “It is such a joy to be working again with Jon Garcia on his foray into genre filmmaking, after reading the script we knew this was a project we could really get on board with. This is more than your typical creature feature — it explores the depths of the human psyche, thirst for power and desire to control… all alongside some incredible practical effects and a creature audiences will not soon forget.

The official synopsis says that Summoning the Spirit follows a couple who move to a home in the remote forest to escape the bustle of the city. Although they have big plans for their new quiet life, they find something much more sinister and soon realize that they are on land occupied by a cult, and the leader claims a telepathic connection to a legendary flesh-eating beast deep in the woods surrounding them.

Sounds good to me! Sasquatch and telepathy, that’s an intriguing combination.

Summoning the Spirit stars Krystal Millie Valdes (Pompano Boy), Ernesto Reyes (American Gods), Jesse Tayeh (Frankie’s Redemption), and newcomer Isabelle Muthiah.

Repsch and Garcia produced the film with Joe Jatcko and Lacy Todd. Carla Berkowitz, Jim Kierstead, William Fernandez, and Michael Rubin serve as executive producers.

We’ll keep you updated on Summoning the Spirit as this Sasquatch horror movie continues moving forward and makes its way out into the world. How does the movie sound to you? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Here’s a first look image from the film:

Summoning the Spirit
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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