Batman & Robin

  • Theatrical - Wide 2005-10-18

There’s a chill over Gotham City. A new nemesis has unleashed a cold front of crime on the beleaguered metropolis. And once again, the citizenry turns to its one hope, its lone nocturnal guardian, to free it from the icy grip of crime. Summoned by the glowing moon of the Bat-signal hovering against the night sky, Batman (GEORGE CLOONEY) roars from the reconstructed Batcave in a sleek, remodeled Batmobile towards the city.

Only now, he doesn’t travel alone — his daredevil partner, Robin (CHRIS O’DONNELL), speeds alongside him on his turbo-charged motorcycle, the Redbird — a united team standing against a new reign of villainy, conceived with cold-blooded design by a shimmering, terrifying figure of destruction, Mr. Freeze (ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER).

Also loose on the streets is flower-power femme fatale Poison Ivy (UMA THURMAN), a vine-entwined beauty who can kill with her kiss . . . and plans world domination for her floral kindred.

When these two villains strike a partnership, it will take a powerhouse team to stop them. Armed with innovative gadgets, redesigned vehicles and an all-new awesome arsenal, the crimefighting duo of Batman and Robin reveal a new secret weapon — a tough, limber and courageous new partner named Batgirl (ALICIA SILVERSTONE) — who completes a triumphant trio fighting together to save Gotham City from its most deadly threat yet!

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