• Theatrical - Wide 1990-04-20

14-year-old Lisa and her friend Wendy follow handsome men and, from their license plates, manage to find out the guys’ names and numbers. Lisa is eager to start dating, but her mother doesn’t think Lisa is old enough. She doesn’t want Lisa to make the same mistakes she did as a teenager. One night while getting some groceries, Lisa runs into the handsome Richard. She gets his license plate and finds out his number. (Just as she’d done with all the other men.) This time she tells Wendy maybe they could fall in love, mostly as rebellion since her mom won’t let her date. Lisa begins calling Richard, and disguising her voice. Lisa is just flirting, but Richard begins to become obsessed and enjoy their conversations. He begins to want to know more about her and wants to meet her. Lisa thinks it’s harmless, but what she doesn’t know is that the good-looking Richard that she has attracted is the Candlelight Killer, who stalks young women, leaves messages on their answering machines and kills them…

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