My Best Friend’s Wedding

  • Theatrical - Wide 2021-08-01

Nine years ago, Julianne Potter and Michael O’Neal made that mysterious transition from lovers to “just friends.” It is an arrangement that still appeals to Julianne, whose idea of commitment is measured in days rather than years, even if it left Michael still carrying the proverbial torch. Best friends since that fateful day in college, they made a pact that if neither had found someone to love by the age of 28, they would marry each other. It seemed like a goof at the time … except that maybe one of them wasn’t joking. Now it’s their 28th year of life, and Michael just popped the question. There’s only one problem: he popped it to someone else..

Julianne Potter never knew what she wanted until she saw it walking out of her life. Now, she has four days, and the benefits of a resourceful (if devious) mind, to get Michael back. You are cordially invited to the wedding of the year. Attire is formal. Protective gear is advised.

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