The Blair Witch Project

  • Theatrical - Wide 2022-09-01

Three student documentary filmmakers set out in October 1994 to investigate the myth of the Blair Witch, Elly Kedward, who was convicted of witchcraft in 1785 and exiled from the township of Blair in northern Maryland. One year later, all of Kedward’s accusers and half the village’s children vanished, causing the survivors to flee. Between 1824, when Burkittsville is founded on the Blair site, and 1941, mysterious disappearances and horrific murders occur. During their shoot, Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard, and Michael Williams disappear in the Black Hills Forest as well. Despite an intensive search, the trio cannot be found. Then, in 1995, anthropology students make an unexpected discovery while excavating beneath the foundation of a 100-year-old cabin – all of the crew’s film, videotape, and recordings. These are eventually turned over to Haxan Films to piece together the students’ final days.


The Blair Witch Project

Review Date: Director: Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez Writer: Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez Producers: Robin Cowie, Gregg Hale Actors: Heather Donahue…

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