The Borrowers

  • Theatrical - Wide 1998-08-19

Have you ever misplaced a sock? Some jewelry? Do you think you know where you left a pen or a spool of thread only to find that it isn’t there? This perturbing state of affairs has a very simple explanation . . . The Borrowers.

Borrowers discreetly co-exist alongside humans. They reside under the floorboards of our homes and offices, taking great pains to go undetected as they ingeniously procure and live off of “borrowed” items. Though dauntless, The Borrowers must be careful, lest they be “squished” by their human hosts.

Their world exists surprisingly nearby. Under the floorboards and between our walls lies the fascinating, diminutive world of The Borrowers. It is a secret place where missing socks are used as beds, pens become bridges, postage stamps decorate walls, and walnut shells are helmets.

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