The Arrow Reviews: Bates Motel, Episode #3

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

EPISODE 3: What’s Wrong With Norman

CHECKING IN: Norman (Freddie Highmore) begins to show his more seriously deranged side, Norma’s (Vera Farmiga) crime starts to catch up with her and one dude is not who he seems to be.  Not a boring moment in the town of White Pines Bay (aka Twin Peaks Light), all they need is a dancing midget and they’re golden!

THE ROOM: After going full throttle with the last episode in terms of setting up its nuttie chess pieces; Episode 3 began to move them forward, slowly but surely, no rush here, but the result was gripping nonetheless. Compared to the soap opera wild Episode 2, this one may seem tame in comparison; but if you stop and think about it, lots of shit was going on, just in more quiet ways. I am sure they won’t stay quiet for too long. I actually had one “I knew it” moment while watching this one. All about the revelation in the show’s final frames.

Like I said in my last review; this is a series that’s about peeps wearing masks, they show you white while it’s truly black underneath and vice versa. The asshole may turn into the hero and the good guy may wind up being a nut job. This episode brought that theme home and then some! Which brings me to the sweet shade of grey that was brought here as well; Norman’s brother (Max Theriot) bonding with his younger sibling (Freddie Highmore). That was probably my favourite scene of the episode, natural and endearing, Both actors played off each other beautifully. I hope that the show will give that relationship more room to breathe in the future. I dig it!

A couple more layers were tossed our way on this round too. Norman’s sick f*ck mind was revealed further to some extent. Lets just say that his interests in the sex trade mystery has more to do with him being turned on by it, than making the wrong things right. And I though I had issues. I dug how Norman was aware that something is wrong with him, which made way to one moving moment. Yeah, I felt bad for the dude. Moreover, one revelation here made me smile cause it went hand in hand with the adult Norman Bates from the PSYCHO franchise. Not only does Norman IMAGINE a conversation with his mother Norma (Sound familiar?), but it is revealed that he experiences black-outs when committing acts violence too (Again… sound familiar?)! That will the ring the bell to anybody that knows the PSYCHO franchise. So… who killed Norman’s dad again in Episode 1? We all thought it was Norma. You know where my money is at now! We’ll see! And once more; Vera Farmiga can do NO WRONG as Norma. She is simply HYPNOTIZING to watch! Her perfomance is filled with little quirks and nuances that kept me riveted the the screen. I smell Emmy over here! And yeah, damn, that’s one sexy ass woman right there!

Soin closing, yes, this was a more low key episode, to the point that when it ended I was like “That’s it? I wasn’t done! Give me more!” And I’ll give that to Bates Motel, even though I still think it tossed way too much out there too early on for its own good when it should have focused on the Norman and Norma relationship and the latter’s descent into madness, I can’t deny that it has me by the marbles! Like all good soap operas should. 

Cause lets face it people this is what Bates Motel is, a full blown soap opera, with countless subplots, romantic liaisons, skeletons in the closet and characters that can turn on you on a dime. And I’m not saying that in a negative manner, just calling it as it is. I can’t wait to watch next week’s show (see a promo here)! Bring on the pain! It’s gonna get ugly!

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Okay where is that Bradley (Nicola Peltz) subplot going? Thoughts? Seems that the show is stalling on it at the moment, keeping it in our faces but not doing much with it. I think she reminds Norman of his mother. It’s not gonna end well IMO…

Good for Mike Vogel (who plays Zach Shelby)! I dig the dude and he never became as a big as I thought he would (he was up for the Captain America role btw). Am happy he got the gig on this show! Props bro!



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