Child’s Play 3 (1991) Don Mancini, Brad Douriff – (The Black Sheep)

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Fans generally agree that the worst entry in the Chucky series is Seed of Chucky, which would be my choice for the worst as well. But before Seed took the crown, there was another black sheep in this series. Child's Play 3 (WATCH OR OWN IT HERE).

Child's Play 3 (1991) is still one of the least popular movies in the franchise, and I would agree that it was a step down from the two movies that came before it, so this "divisive, yet misunderstood" sequel is the focus of Lance's new Black Sheep video.

Directed by Jack Bender from a script by Don Mancini, writer of every Child's Play / Chucky movie (except this weekend's remake), Child's Play 3 has the following synopsis: 

One of filmdom's most notorious killers is back to wreak more mayhem as Chucky continues his quest to possess the body of a human child.

Eight years after seemingly destroying the killer doll, Andy (Justin Whalin) turns 16 and is placed in a military school. Meanwhile, the greedy president of Play Pals Toy Company decides to resurrect the popular Good Guys doll line, confident that all the bad publicity is forgotten. As the assembly line recreates the first doll from a mass of melted plastic, the spirit of Chucky returns to renew his quest and seek revenge on Andy.

Once again it's up to Andy to stop the unrelenting killer in this fast-paced thriller.

So what about you all? You a fan of this underrated second sequel? Let us know! And check out some of our previous Black Sheep episodes below!

Source: Arrow in the Head

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