The Hannibal TV series revival talks have officially begun

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Hannibal Mads Mikkelsen

For three seasons, NBC aired the show Hannibal, a series created by Bryan Fuller and based on the works of author Thomas Harris – novels that had previously served as the basis of the films MANHUNTER, THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, HANNIBAL, RED DRAGON, and HANNIBAL RISING. When NBC cancelled the show, Fuller wasn't done telling stories with Harris's characters, and ever since the finale he has been keeping hope alive that the series might someday return.

Last year, Fuller said that revival talks couldn't officially begin until two years had passed since the last airing of the show on NBC. That two year mark is coming up this month (the last episode aired on August 29, 2015), and now Fuller and executive producer Martha De Laurentiis are looking into their options.

On August 8th, Fuller posted a tweet that confirmed revival conversations are underway: 

Five days later, De Laurentiis posted a picture of herself with Fuller and a Hannibal action figure, calling it a "meeting of the minds".

Of course, Hannibal still can't return if Fuller and De Laurentiis aren't able to find a network or streaming service that wants the show, but they're working at it. As I said last year, now is the time when fans of the series really need to start hoping, wishing, and crossing fingers. 

As time has gone by, Fuller has kept in contact with series stars Mads Mikkelsen (who played Hannibal Lecter) and Hugh Dancy (criminal profiler Will Graham) and made sure they are interested in reprising their roles. If Hannibal returns, Mikkelsen and Dancy are expected to be back as well.

Source: Bryan Fuller, Martha De Laurentiis

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