The Let the Right One In show runners share details about new pilot

Let the Right One In

TNT's Let the Right One In pilot is currently in production, and Forbes caught up with showrunners Jeff Davis about its development. Here's the current status of the project and a couple of details about the story, straight from the horse's mouth:

Filming is going great. I’m really happy with the cast we’ve assembled. I have to say, especially Ben Wadsworth and Kristine Froseth, the two young leads, are surprising us every day with how talented they are. The take on it is very much inspired by the book. I love the movie, Let the Right One In, the Swedish movie, but it wasn’t until I read the book where I thought, “Okay, I can see how this can be a TV series now, can definitely see it.” It’s the story of [Bram Stoker’s] Renfield.

It’s Dracula’s seduction, the way he brings in Renfield, the caretaker. That’s a very interesting POV, and to tell it from the eyes of kids… it’s a very adult story. It’s quite dark. We’ll see if it gets past the pilot stage. As you know about the TV industry, the pilot is a sales tool, essentially. You’re creating a sales tool for the series. We’ll see how TNT likes the pilot and if we can go forward. They’ll be deciding pretty quickly.

It's not a lot to go on, but I do hope the pilot at least gets a series order so we can see for ourselves if his ideas work. I'm always willing to give horror TV a chance.

Jeff Davis also wrote the script for pilot. His Let the Right One In is:

an eerie drama about Henry, a young boy, long tormented by his classmates, who finds solace in a friendship with a charismatic vampire, Eli, who appears to be near his age. Thin and pale, Eli’s actual age is unknown. Lonely and friendless (for obvious reasons), Eli lands in an apartment building in Vermont, and soon begins a strange friendship with Henry, an equally lonely 16-year-old boy who has no idea what kind of creature he’s dealing with.

Kristine Froseth, Necar Zadegan, and Cameron Gellmanellman will star.

Euros Lyn is directing the pilot.

Source: Forbes

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