The Red: Tess Haubrich, Michael Biehn star in Australian horror film

Filming is officially underway on the survival horror film The Red, a feature expansion of director Ryan Coonan’s 2014 short film Waterborne. This version of the story stars Tess Haubrich (Wolf Creek season 2) and Michael Biehn (The Terminator), with Haubrich taking on the role of

a young sheriff, obsessed with living up to her dead father’s legacy, who finds her mettle tested when locals are found ripped to shreds. She must finally face up to her past and work with her eccentric Vietnam veteran uncle (Biehn) to defeat the beast responsible for the murders before it kills everyone in town.

Haubrich and Biehn are joined in the cast by Angie Milliken (Elvis). It’s worth noting that Haubrich and Biehn are both Alien franchise alums, as Haubrich had a role in Alien: Covenant and Biehn was, of course, in Aliens.

Coonan wrote the screenplay for The Red with Richard Barcaricchio, who was also his co-writer on Waterborne. Barcaricchio is producing the film with Judd Tilyard and Liz Tomkins of Dicentium Films and Jessica Butland of Radioactive Pictures. Brett Thornquest and Steven Matusko of Eclectik Vision are co-producing, while James Norrie and Nina Kolokouri of the sales firm Amp serve as executive producers. Toby Barron is providing the creature effects.

Coonan provided Deadline with the following statement: “I can’t wait to bring the feature version of our short film to life. The short’s mix of drama from our real-world characters and the real terror that comes from our beast had such an amazing reaction from audiences around the world, so it’s going to be a privilege to experience that again when we bring The Red to the big screen.”

How does The Red sound to you? Are you interested in watching an Australian creature feature starring Tess Haubrich and Michael Biehn? Let us know by leaving a comment below. This project is sounding very promising to me.

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Source: Deadline

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