Things get exorcist nutty in shot via Zoom horror/comedy short The Divorcing

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Am not gonna BS you, one of the pleasures of running this site is being able to support genre filmmakers and give them some exposure. And we're doing it again! This week's SHORT HORROR FILM showcased via our JOBLO HORROR VIDEOS channel is the horror/comedy THE DIVORCING written, directed and edited by Kevin Cappiello. In The Divorcing: "A marriage counselor must conduct an exorcism over a Zoom call." No need to imagine how that goes down – spook the embed above and find out!

Here’s what Writer/Director Kevin Cappiello had to stab about his baby and what's next for him as a filmmaker:

“Evil Dead meets Marriage Story.” The inspiration behind this short film came from two avenues of thought: To test what could be done creatively during the pandemic, and more importantly to make people laugh. I felt like the world could use a good laugh right about now.   The entire film was shot and directed via Zoom. And now, with excellent feature length films like Shudder’s Host, I’m happy to be lumped into the new wave of “Zoom Directors” before the category gets stale.  I’m currently working on my next short film, Black Orchid Challenge (My first foray into actual horror), which is currently in pre-production.

The Divorcing stars Zack Pearlman as Edgar, Bree Essrig as Jessica and Ify Nwadiwe as the Marriage Counselor. Mayron Baptista  was the Executive Producer, Brandon Hula was the Producer while the Special Effects Makeup were created by Cat Calico. Scroll down for the one-sheet, a still from the flick and the other horror shorts we've hosted thus far! You got a top notch horror short and you want it featured here? Holler @ [email protected]!


Source: Arrow in the Head

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