Tom Holland teases Fright Night: Peter Vincent comic book

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

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Tom Holland, writer/director of the original 1985 FRIGHT NIGHT, is returning to the world he created with that film in a major way, after missing out on 1988's FRIGHT NIGHT PART 2 (not to mention the FRIGHT NIGHT remake and its "sequel"). With the copyright reverting to him soon, Holland announced last year that he has been working on writing FRIGHT NIGHT 3 – as a novel.

While we wait for news on that book, which will probably come as soon as the FRIGHT NIGHT rights are safely in Holland's hands, Holland has taken to his Facebook account to reveal that's not the only way the franchise will be continuing.

Promising that more news will be coming soon, Holland shared an image promoting a comic book titled TOM HOLLAND'S FRIGHT NIGHT: THE PETER VINCENT CHRONICLES.

This actually won't be the first time there has been a FRIGHT NIGHT comic book. Now Comics published a FRIGHT NIGHT series that ran from 1988 into 1990, coming to a total of 22 issues, the first couple issues serving as an adaptation of Holland's film. There were also 5 special issues, including 3-D reprints and an adaptation of FRIGHT NIGHT PART 2.

FRIGHT NIGHT 1985 told the following story: 

Meet Jerry Dandrige. He's sweet, sexy, and he likes to sleep in late. You might think he's the perfect neighbor. But before inviting Jerry in for a nightcap, there's just one thing you should know: Jerry prefers his drinks warm, red – and straight from the jugular! 

Only 17-year-old Charley Brewster knows Jerry's bloodcurdling secret. When Charley can't get anybody to believe him, he turns to TV horror host, Peter Vincent, who used to be the "Great Vampire Killer" of the movies. Welcome to Fright Night, a horrific howl of horror and humor.

We'll let you know more about TOM HOLLAND'S FRIGHT NIGHT: THE PETER VINCENT CHRONICLES as soon as Holland shares the information.

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