Trim Season: Alex Essoe, Bex-Taylor Klaus horror thriller to get a June release

Blue Harbor is planning a June release for the horror thriller Trim Season, starring Alex Essoe and Bex Taylor-Klaus

Blue Harbor Entertainment has picked up the U.S. distribution rights to the horror thriller Trim Season, Variety reports, and they’re planning to give the film – which stars Alex Essoe of Starry Eyes, Midnight Mass, and The Pope’s Exorcist and Bex Taylor-Klaus of Hell Fest, The Killing, and the Scream TV series – a theatrical and VOD release sometime in June.

Directed by award-winning producer and production designer Ariel Vida, who made her feature directorial debut with the 2022 mystery thriller Vide Noir, Trim Season has the following synopsis: Emma, jobless and searching for purpose, joins a group of twenty-somethings from Los Angeles and heads up the coast to make quick cash trimming marijuana on a secluded farm in Northern California. Cut off from the rest of the world, they soon realize that the estate is harboring darker secrets than any of them could imagine, and it becomes a race against time for Emma and her friends to escape the dense woods with their lives. The screenplay for this one was crafted by Vida and David Blair, working from a story by Sean E. DeMott, Cullen Poythress, and Megan Sutherland.

Essoe and Taylor-Klaus are joined in the cast by Bethlehem Million (Sick, pictured below), Ally Ioannides (Into the Badlands), Jane Badler (V), Juliette Kenn De Balinthazy (Evil), Ryan Donowho (Beyond Paranormal), Cory Hart (Fear the Walking Dead), Paris Warner (Once I Was a Beehive), and Essoe’s Starry Eyes co-star Marc Senter.

Trim Season was produced by Aaron B. Koontz of Paper Street Pictures, Sean E. DeMott of Execution Style Entertainment, Paul Holbrook of Hlbrk Ent., and Badler, who produced through MeJane Productions. Leal Naim served as executive producer, with Cameron Burns co-producing.

Vida had this to say about the film’s distribution deal: “I’m thrilled that Blue Harbor is bringing this team’s work to audiences, whom I hope resonate with our film’s themes of power, agency, friendship, and loss — as well as the stylized lens through which we sought to paint both the horrifying and the heartrending.

Does Trim Season sound interesting to you? Let us know by leaving a comment below. This one has a solid cast, so I look forward to seeing what it’s like.

Sick Bethlehem Millions
Source: Variety

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