True Blood star Anna Paquin responds to reboot announcement

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

A couple days ago, we reported that HBO will be rebooting the popular cult vampire show True Blood, to be written and executive produced by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Riverdale) and Jami O’Brien (NOS4A2), while original True Blood showrunner Alan Ball was set to executive produce as well. There were also questions on whether it would be a reboot, prequel, or continuation – with no confirmation either way as of yet. 

However, whatever the case may be, it is clear that the cast doesn't seem to know either, as Anna Paquin (who played the telepathic Sookie Stackhouse on the show) had this to say on her official Twitter account:

Now, while this doesn't confirm 100% that the new True Blood is going to be a reboot (it could be prequel before her character was born, or set in the far future), it does seem to be leaning that way. Regardless, we'll definitely keep youy updated as more information filters through! 

Meanwhile, here's the official synopsis for the original series:

Based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries novel series by Charlaine Harris, the series took place in a world in which vampires live among humans after the creation of a synthetic blood substitute that allowed vampires to stop hunting humans for food. There were also a myriad of other fantasy creatures in the show, including werewolves and witches.

But what do you guys think? Fans of the original series? If so, looking forward to the reboot as well? Either way, sound off below!

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