Tyler Mane and Hatchet III director journey down Penance Lane

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Tyler Mane has mounted the horror film PENANCE LANE, which is set to be directed by HATCHET III helmer BJ McDonnell. Mane’s production company Mane Entertainment, will produce; the man has been attempting to get this off the ground since 2009, so good on him for sticking with it!

Here’s the synopsis:

Meet Crimson Matthews, an ex-con with violent tendencies, walking away from a dark past– right smack into a much darker future. Fresh out of prison, and with few options, Crimson finds his way to a harsh town without pity; a place where industry has run dry and left nothing but despair.

Taking a job offered by the kindly Father John who runs the local parish, Crimson agrees to be the handy man in a decrepit, old mansion. Once there, he seems to have fallen back into his old, murdering ways.

SAW cinematographer David A. Armstrong was originally supposed to direct PENANCE LANE, but clearly things have changed. Mane is currently on tour with COMPOUND FRACTURE, the first film born from his production company.

Source: Variety

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