Unit 234: Don Johnson joins Isabelle Fuhrman in cat-and-mouse thriller

Just a few days ago, we shared the news that Isabelle Fuhrman of Orphan and The Last Thing Mary Saw stars in the upcoming thriller Unit 234, which is currently filming in the Cayman Islands. At that time, the names of Fuhrman’s co-stars hadn’t yet been revealed… but now we know the name of one of them, and it’s one of the coolest actors around. Deadline reports that Fuhrman has been joined in the cast of Unit 234 by Don Johnson (Miami Vice)!

Directed by Andy Tennant (Sweet Home Alabama) from a screenplay by first-time feature writer Derek Steiner, Unit 234 sees Fuhrman taking on the role of

Laurie Saltair, who discovers the comatose man, Clayton, in Unit 234 of her family’s storage facility, while working the night shift alone. What transpires is a thrill ride of a cat-and-mouse game for Laurie and Clayton to survive the night.

It’s not clear whether or not Johnson is playing Clayton.

Here’s another synopsis, which gives a bit more detail about what’s going on in this movie:

A lone employee at a remote storage facility (Fuhrman) discovers an unconscious man locked inside Unit 234, chained to a gurney and missing a kidney. She must then fight to survive a ruthless gang, dead set on retrieving their precious cargo… at any cost.

Unit 234 has been fully financed by Productivity Media. The film is being produced by Blythe Frank, Hadeel Reda, and Lee Dreyfus, along with Productivity Media’s William G. Santor and Doug Murray. Johnson serves as executive producer alongside Colleen Camp.

I was already interested in Unit 234, but hearing that Johnson is in the cast with Fuhrman has boosted my interest even more.

Are you interested in this movie? Are you excited to hear that Don Johnson is in it? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Source: Deadline

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