Interview: Kevin Costner, Sienna Miller, Jamie Campbell Bower & More Talk Horizon

We talk with Kevin Costner, Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, Jamie Campbell Bower, Luke Wilson, Ella Hunt, and More for Horizon Chapter 1

Last Updated on July 2, 2024

The latest from Kevin Costner is a bold and beautiful feature. The three-hour film takes a few chances, and tells three different stories about early America. All the characters are rich, and feature one impressive cast list. You have Costner with Abbey Lee in one story that is especially charming. Sienna Miller and Sam Worthington lead another with a powerful introduction to both Miller’s character, as well as Georgia MacPhail as the daughter. Both are fantastic. The third story includes Luke Miller, Ella Hunt, and Isabelle Fuhrman. The cast also includes Jamie Campbell Bower who is terrific as a bit of villain and too many others to list here. As someone who appreciates a cinematic western, Horizon: Chapter 1 satisfied (read our review right here). I’m looking forward to the second film in August.

Kevin Costner has been a respected name for generations of fans. It’s always great to have the chance to sit down with the actor/writer/director. And it’s clear that he has a whole lot of excitement for his latest adventure. And for him, Horizon seems to be incredibly personal. He opened up about the many strong women the inhabit the film – and he’s not wrong about that. The filmmaker also talked about creating four films with extended runtimes, in a world where quick content is king, and attempting to hold someone’s attention for an epic story. It was a terrific conversation.

Next up, we sat down with the brilliant and lovely Sienna Miller, and her terrific co-star, Sam Worthington. And this happened to be a wonderful time thanks to Ms. Miller being so very charming, and making both Sam and I laugh. She talked about being a mother in real life, and how that helped her work in the film. And for Sam, the actor gives such a grounded and terrific performance alongside Sienna, he opened up about having that satisfying relationship in a film such as Horizon: Chapter 1.

Luke Wilson, Isabelle Fuhrman, and Ella Hunt were next, and frankly, I was thrilled to talk with Anna from one of my favorite holiday movies, Anna and the Apocalypse. So that was a joy. This was another terrific conversation, as the three talked about taking on the project, and bringing this massive story to life. And Ms. Hunt’s tales of working with Mr. Costner were delightful. The actress was even more charming in person than I had anticipated. And all three are terrific in the film.

And finally, I sat down with Abbey Lee and Jamie Cambell Bower. Before jumping into the conversation, I did have to give massive props to Abbey for her work in Fury Road. These two are absolutely fantastic in the film. The actors discussed working with Kevin, and being a part of something this epic. If you are a fan of either of them, it’s well worth checking out as the two are both scene-stealers in Horizon: Chapter 1. Frankly, there are wonderful performances from everyone here.

I truly admire Kevin Costner’s film, and I’m curious how it will play for audiences now. If you are a fan of the cast, and especially Costner, you’re likely to admire his latest. Horizon: An American Saga Chapter 1 opens today!


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