Watch audience members scream at the scares of The Gallows

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

The found footage supernatural horror film THE GALLOWS officially opens in theatres this weekend, but some viewers have already seen it at advanced screenings around the U.S., where their reactions were filmed for inclusion in the promo video below. If you're looking forward to the movie, you'll be glad to see that it appears to have been quite effective at scaring some of these audience members.

The synopsis for THE GALLOWS goes like this:

“Everyone in Beatrice, Nebraska knows the name Charlie Grimille, just as everyone knows what happened 30 years ago on stage at Beatrice High School’s production of ‘The Gallows.’   Originally the understudy, Charlie took the lead’s place on opening night. But instead of bowing to applause, Charlie ended up really swinging from the noose. Charlie’s death has loomed over the small town ever since.  Now, on the anniversary of his tragic real-life curtain call, Beatrice High School’s drama department is preparing to perform the same play, in the same auditorium.  Pfeifer, the star of the show, has spear-headed the revival in an attempt to put the past to rest. The night before the big debut, however, Pfeifer discovers her male costar, Reese, with his football buddy, Ryan, and Ryan’s cheerleader girlfriend, Cassidy, sabotaging the props in an attempt to ruin the opening. But there is far more to worry about than the show going on. Suddenly locked in, with no cell service, no way out, and no one knowing they are even there, the teens soon realize Charlie isn’t at peace.  And he isn’t resting.”

I probably won't be going to see the movie on the big screen, because yet another found footage flick is about the last type of film I feel like spending my money on at this point. There have been some very good found footage movies, but in general I am just not a fan of the style. I'm done with it, and I'm ready for Hollywood to be done with it as well. However, I do hope that THE GALLOWS will be one of the better films to put the camera in the hands of its characters.

Those characters are played by the likes of Reese Mishler, Pfeifer Brown, Ryan Shoos, and Cassidy Gifford. The film was written and directed by Travis Cluff and Chris Lofing, and is the latest genre offering from Blumhouse Productions.

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