Jason Blum on which films will be rated R or edited down to PG-13

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Let me say this outright that I am not against PG-13 horror. Sure I'll roll my eyes at the rating here and there, but after Sam Raimi's DRAG ME TO HELL, I don't write off PG-13 as inherently a bad thing.

Case in point, Blumhouse's HAPPY DEATH DAY and INSIDIOUS. Both are quality fright flicks that are either scary as shit or fun as hell, and both sport PG-13 ratings. No biggie.

But have you ever wondered how and why Jason Blum picks which flicks are rated R and which go with the PG-13? Well, if you have then today's your lucky day as Blum recently spoke about just that with Cinema Blend and here is what he had to say.

Jason Blum:

If someone gave me a great scary movie all about high school kids, and they said it was R-rated, we wouldn't make it. PG-13, we'd make it… You can't make a movie about kids, and then tell those kids they can't go see it without their parents. It doesn't work – although people have tried.

He continues:

We did it once. It was a big, big mistake. The Gallows. The Gallows is a movie about high school kids, R-rated. And the movie didn't work. And the movie was quite good. The movie tested well. It was a playable movie. And I think mostly it had to do with the R-rating that we allowed. We should have cut it back, and gotten it to the PG-13, but I didn't.

Yeah, the R-rating is why THE GALLOWS failed. Truth be told if you asked me before reading this what that film was rated I don't know if I would have said R. I don't remember anything overly gory/graphic in it. Maybe they said "fuck" a few times. Ooohhh…

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