Freaky director blasts Halloween Ends day & date model

Last Updated on October 20, 2022

Halloween Ends has been a disappointment all around. Not only did it get lousy reviews, but it underperformed at the box office on opening weekend. Yes, it opened #1 with around $41 million and is a financial success for the studio, but that’s still considerably below the projected $55 million. Halloween Ends’ opening weekend numbers—however beneficial—may have to do with its dismal reviews, but it may be more linked to its day & date release, hitting both theaters and Peacock on October 14th. One of the most vocal figures about the situation has been writer/director Christopher Landon, who finds the approach insulting to filmmakers.

Christopher Landon is no stranger to the horror genre, writing five Paranormal Activity movies and directing both Happy Death Day flicks. More of note related to his comments, Landon also helmed 2020’s slasher Freaky, which, despite being a refreshing horror-comedy, he claims also fell victim to this release pattern. It should be noted that Freaky was released in theaters in November before it had a December streaming release.

Landon continued his self-described rant, citing his own “PTSD”: “This happened to me on Freaky and it destroyed us. We worked SO HARD to make a fun movie. Blood sweat and tears. Months away from our families. And for what? They love to use the term: ‘two bites of the apple’ but that’s just another way of saying ‘we’re gonna use your movie as a Guinea pig’ for our Streaming service.”

He concluded with a message aimed directly at the suits. “Dear studios: stop trying to suck two dicks at the same time. Honor the sanctity of the theatrical experience.” Time will tell what this charming request will mean for Christopher Landon.

Universal is claiming that Halloween Ends is the most-watched film or TV series ever on Peacock in a 48-hour period, although no numbers were provided.

What do you think? Does Christopher Landon have a point about the release of Halloween Ends? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Deadline

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