Well Go USA takes North American rights to Juno Mak’s Rigor Mortis

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Everything that we've seen so far from Juno Mak's bloody vampire tale RIGOR MORTIS has been amazing, from the first stills to the awesome trailer to the latest imagery to come our way. Today brings us some exciting news for those who have been patiently waiting for word on a North American deal for the film as Deadline is reporting that, in a pre-emptive move prior to the films World Premiere in Venice, Fortissimo Films has closed an all rights deal for North America with Well Go USA Entertainment. Nice!

Making his feature directorial debut, writer-director-producer Juno Mak's RIGOR MORTIS revolves around action star Chin Siu-Ho, playing himself as a down and out actor/vampire hunter who moves into a rundown public housing flat only to discover that his apartment is haunted and he is not alone. In order to survive he must do battle with the forces of evil. The film is being produced by acclaimed Japanese director Takashi Shimizu along with Juno Mak and his Kudos Films.

RIGOR MORTIS stars action movie veteran Chin Siu-ho (Siu-ho) as a former vampire hunting actor who now finds himself reaching the end of the line as a washed-up star, separated from his wife and alienated from his son. Down on his luck and with barely a dollar to his name, he checks into Room 2442 in the housing estate, an allegedly haunted flat. His aim is to end his misery by doing himself in, but instead Siu-ho is interrupted by some of the other “occupants” of the building including a Taoist master-exorcist (Anthony Chan), a traumatized housewife with a tragic past (Kara Hui), as well as a seemingly benign elderly woman (Paw Hee-ching) who has an empty coffin conspicuously hanging in the middle of her apartment. Soon it becomes apparent to Siu-ho that the people around him and the situation are far from normal. Despite his lack of belief in superstition, Siu-ho is soon thrust into the battle of his life as vicious vampires with unsettled business begin to rise from the dead…

This one sounds like it could be a whole lotta fun!

Doris Pfardrescher of Well Go USA says of the deal…

‘RIGOR MORTIS has such a terrifying and beautiful esthetic, and style and we are proud to bring it to North America where it will find its audience and fans. Once again, Well Go is bringing a groundbreaking and highly commercial Asian movie to the US and Canadian audience.’

Personally, I can not wait to see this one. We'll keep you posted as to when the film will finally see a North American release.

Source: Deadline

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