Wer, a found footage werewolf film may have found its lead in A.J. Cook

Last Updated on July 23, 2021

If you are a fan of werewolf flicks and ‘found footage’ flicks, then the upcoming WER may just be for you.

The flick is set to shoot next month in Romania, with William Brent Bell directing and a screenplay by Matthew Peterman. The pair co-wrote THE DEVIL INSIDE, which Bell also directed. Film District will release the film; Peterman will produce with Steven Schneider and Morris Paulson.

So with a shoot not far off, casting would be a top priority. Actress A.J. Cook is set for the lead, she is in final negations. She will play “Kate Moore”, a defense attorney determined to clear the name of her client, “Talan Gwynek”, who is the main suspect in the grisly multiple slaying of an American family. While Talan appears to be gentle on the surface, his attorney soon learns that Talan is actually a werewolf.

Sounds like an interesting plot, and I’ll be curious to see how they pull off the ‘found footage’ aspect. We’ll also be keeping our eyes peeled to see who the film nabs next!

Source: B-D

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