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Last Updated on August 2, 2021

When it was announced last month that pre-production had begun on writer/director Nick Sanford's mystery/horror film THE HARVESTERS, January 18th was mentioned as a very important date for the project. The date when its crowdfunding campaign would go live on Kickstarter. That month-long campaign is now underway, with the filmmakers seeking to raise $32,835, which will go toward paying the cast and crew and insuring the production.

THE HARVESTERS is being produced by Laurie Cummings, Paul Lister, Andrew McDonald, and JoBlo/Arrow in the Head's own James "JimmyO" Oster.

The synopsis: 

On Halloween in Baileyville, Oklahoma, a journalist who prides herself on objective reporting discovers that she is trapped in the middle of a series of horrifying murders and disappearances. When the terror intensifies and a countdown begins, the people closest to Jane are put in danger and her journalistic stance on “not becoming the story” is put to the ultimate test.

If you enjoyed the film's opening scene and would like to pitch in to make sure THE HARVESTER will be all it can be, check out the Kickstarter. There are several reward levels to choose from; $5 will get your name in the credits, by donating $25 you can secure digital copies of the finished film, the script, and the soundtrack, while higher level donations can even earn you co-producer, associate producer, or executive producer credits.

THE HARVESTERS is looking very promising to me. Sanford says he wants to invoke the feeling of movies like JAWS, HALLOWEEN, POLTERGEIST, and ALIEN, but he's also clear that his movie isn't out to bank on nostalgia. That's just the sort of thing I want to hear.

Source: Kickstarter

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